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Weekly Mass Intentions

March 27th

8:30 am Helen  David c/o James & Deanna Bird 


March 28th

8:30 am Kenneth P. Cline, Sr. c/o Glen & Lori Allen


March 29th

7:00 pm Helen Butoryak c/o Joseph Butoryak


March 30th

Steve & Irene Koncar c/o Steve & Dorothy Koncar


March 31st

8:30 am Ted Hennessy c/o John & Donna Pavlovich

6:30 pm Stations of the Cross


April 1st

6:00 pm Pauline Kopas c/o Anthony & Chris Piatek


April 2nd

9:00 am For Our Parishioners

11:30 am Helen "Tootsie" Scarmack c/o Ed Robich

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