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Jesus calls us, as his disciples, to a new way of life—the Christian way of life—of which stewardship is part. But Jesus does not call us as nameless people in a faceless crowd. He calls us individually, by name. Each one of us—clergy, religious, lay person; married, single; adult, child—has a personal vocation.

God intends each one of us to play a unique role in carrying out the divine plan. The challenge, then, is to understand our role—our vocation—and to respond generously to this call from God. Christian vocation entails the practice of stewardship. In addition, Christ calls each of us to be stewards of our personal vocations, which we receive from God.


It is time for the annual appeal by which the Diocese of Erie and her respective parishes raise revenue to carry on our respective ministries. Promotional materials such as FAITH Magazine and bulletin fliers explain how the Diocese uses the portion it assesses from parishes - last year our assessment was $54,177.00.

The Diocese wants to be clear that the CSA money is used for its various ministries and is separate from the funds used for legal fees and victim reimbursement as a result of child abuse.

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